Volunteer for preHEAT!

Calling all magic-makers, vision-brainers, helping hands, and collaborators.
Come be a part of the building & decorating; do some heavy lifting or serve some light lunch.

Support our artists, musicians, & sound stages; assist our assistants.

Set it all up & tear it back down in beautiful Burning impermanence.

preHEAT is a fully co-created GIFT from the community to the community. All producers and team leads volunteer our time and we all buy a ticket. Learn more about this event, the Ten Principles (including Communal Effort and Participation), and our Burning Man ethos here.

Your preHEAT volunteer hours count towards pre-sale access or a directed ticket to BitF 2023!
4+ hours gains you access to the volunteer ticket pre-sale,
19+ hours earns you your own directed ticket.

We’ve closed the form in order to prep to be onsite on Friday.
Any calls for remaining few spots will be made on the Facebook event page.