Participation is what makes a Burner event!

On top of the 10 Principles of Burning Man that shape burner events, the most significant difference between a “typical” festival and Burning Man Regional events like preHEAT is citizen participation. Whereas at most commercial events, you pay your admission and in exchange become a spectator for whatever entertainment the producers have prepared for you, at preHEAT all activities, stages, theme camps, workshops, art, and performances are independently produced by preHEAT participants and offered free of charge for the benefit of everyone.


The beautiful tapestry of citizen contributions is what makes preHEAT special. Participants dedicate their effort and time to the things that they are passionate about, then build them, bring them, and let the others experience this amazing gift. The preHEAT experience is the sum of hundred of participants’ passions, laid out for all to experience, like a fantasy carnival midway.

The most rewarding way to experience preHEAT is to create something that stokes your passions, and share it with all of us! You can DIY and be your own rockstar, or collaborate and create lasting connections with other citizens!

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