FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • This event is going to be an 9 hour DAY and NIGHT party. Doors at 3pm, ends at Midnight.
    See the What Where When Guide here!
  • Tickets are on salecheck out the Ticketing page for more info about tickets and the link to purchase!
    No Door Sales! You can buy a ticket online up until 6pm Saturday (day of).
  • Official Burning Man Regional Precompression event!
    Read more about this here: https://preheat.gvias.org/2023/04/08/official-regional-event
  • Why is this event not Dustcovery or Recharge?
    Early in the fall of 2022, Andi Candi reached out to a group of fellow event producers to brainstorm venues and possibilities for Dustcovery – gratitude to Scott, Madi, Heather, Tim and Kot for their collaboration. We pursued about 20 different venues to no avail…
    After so many dead ends, the perfect venue came through. The PNE Forum had a cancellation for April 15th, so we decided to go for it; to fill a large gap of missed pre & post Burn season in-town events (RIP Burnerton!) and to start building our relationship with the venue for future GVIAS events like Dustcovery in the fall of 2023.
  • Is this a 19+ only event?
    Family-friendly fun will take place from 3pm – 6pm, shifting to spicier 19+ entertainment as the sun sets after 6pm!
    Children and youth under the age of 19 are permitted to attend the event from 3-6pm.
    The bar will be open and it is up to parents and caregivers to ensure their charges are not drinking alcohol.
    NOTE: The event is cashless for bar drinks and snacks – debit/credit card payments.
  • Will there be ins and outs?
    During the time frame of 3-6pm, there will be ins and outs. If you leave between 3-6pm you have until 8pm to be back in the venue.
  • What kind of event is this?
    We will have all the elements of our previous decompression events – DJs, performers, art installations, indoor space, outdoor space, fire show, and the usual shenanigans. preHeat is a fully co-created GIFT from the community to the community. No one gets paid, and we all buy a ticket. See more info about this event and our Burning Man ethos here.
  • What should I wear?
    Feel free to express yourself as you desire, add a little flair to your every day, dress to impress or be comfie & cozy. We recommend wearing layers as there is indoor and outdoor space. A self serve coat check available.
  • Will there be food available?
    There will be food trucks on site between 5pm-8pm – while supplies last – providing one portion per person food items – vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options will be available. This is included in your ticket price!
    The bar will be selling pre-packaged snacks throughout the evening.
    NOTE: The event is cashless for bar drinks and snacks – debit & credit cards.
    There will be pop-up snack stations throughout the evening.
    You can bring food into the venue if you would like.
  • Can I bring my art or theme camp?
    [Applications are now closed]
  • Volunteers
    Volunteer Form is now closed but there are still opportunities to volunteer. See page for further details.
  • Can I perform?
    YES! We are looking for roving or stationary performers not on stage. See info & fill out the application form here.
  • Fire Performers, see info & fill out application form here.
  • Sound Camps are running the main stage and will be booking their own DJs. See line-up here.
  • Will the be any resting areas/sitting areas around the venue?
    There will be 2 chill spaces with pillows low on the ground provided by two theme camps. We also rented lots of furniture for seating up off the ground – park benches scattered throughout, cocktail tables with bar stools, padded couches, benches and cubes arranged in cozy seating areas. Plus, we have activities that involve sitting at a table with folding style chairs.
  • Is this venue accessible?
    If you need accessible parking or a drop-off zone, please email [email protected] ahead of time and we will arrange this for you.
    The main entrance is accessible for those using mobility devices. There are accessible washrooms inside the venue and we will have accessible portos outside.
    We will have a variety of seating options available.
    If you need more accessibility information, please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to obtain that information from the venue.
  • Will there be bag checks and security screening?
    We are working with the venue’s security team and they have expressed that they are there to help and to keep everyone safe.
    They will be at the entrances and exits, as they usually are at Dustcovery. They might do a cursory bag check at the entrance.
  • Venue info, parking, how do I get there?
    The PNE Forum is at the corner of Renfrew and Hastings Streets in Vancouver, BC.
    The entrance to the Forum building & to the parking area are at the north end of that first ‘block’ in line with Pandora St.
    • You can Google Map to the address to get to the block but the entrance to the PNE Forum event & parking is on RENFREW, not on Hastings.
    • PNE parking is available for $20 (negotiated discount vs their publicized rate).
    • Easy Park lot across the street
      SE Corner of Hasting & Renfrew (2901 East Hastings) ​6pm-12am $​6.​50 Flat Evening Maximum
  • DO NOT BRING: Alcohol or substances, weapons of any kind, pyrotechnics, drones, laser pointers, flag poles, flammable substances or items, you know, the usual things you shouldn’t be bringing into a venue.
  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Due to the short timeline, please help us out by sharing this event with your friends, camp lists, and related communities!