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3pmDoors OpenWelcome to preHEAT!
3-6pmArt FairCheck out the preHEAT 2023 mini Art Fair. When you arrive between 3-6pm, you will be given tokens. Head over to our Art Fair area to engage with burner artists who are excited to share their prototypes, drawings and concepts of projects they are working on for BitF or Burning Man. Vote for your favorite projects with your tokens. The tokens will be turned into art grant funds.
3-6pmFun for everyone!We welcome kids and youth under age 19 to participate from 3-6pm. Parents or caregivers, please monitor your children during this time. as there might be sensitive content.
3pm-7pmRaveBots | Main StageGambler, Revi, DJ Tango, Geo
4pm-5pmDance Party (kid-focused) with Amethystra | Community StageCome and dance while Amethystra hosts this kid-focused dance party! It’s not just for the young ones, everyone is invited to enjoy a variety of nostalgic tracks that will make you feel like you’re a kid again too!
5-8pmFood TrucksMom’s Grilled Cheese and I Love Chickpea! Grab a delicious snack from our food trucks, while supplies last, one portion per person please – these are a gift to you.
5pm-6pmJai Aquarian (Community Stage)Jai Aquarian is a prolific lyricist, Vocals and Verbals with djs and producers, ukulele aficionado, dancer, event producer and Empowered Vocal Energetics facilitator based in Vancouver, BC.
6pm-7pmAnnie Becker & Beam Light | Community StageLive looping artist based out of Vancouver, playing a diverse set of dance and ethereal originals and covers. Also featuring flow artist, Beam Light.
Annie Becker – Icelandic Songstress
7pm-12amBootti Frutti | Main StageChakaruna, Instant Love, DJ Legal, Mursa
7pm-8pmCanzino and Chronfused | Community StageCanzino is a musician, live-looper, producer, & dj residing in Vancouver. His live performances feature Alternative Dance-Rock genre with a splash of EDM Melodies.
Chronfused (Julie B.) is a melodic vocal looper, poet, and improv artist.
8pm-8:30pmLive PA workshop | Community StageCanzino and Chronofused teach you how to Live Loop!
9:00 PMFire ShowHead outside for the Fire Show!
12:00 AMEvent endsStage shuts down at midnight. Everyone out by 12:30am

Art, Art Fair & Theme Camps listing

And Then There Were Murder HornetsThis is a 6’x4’x3′ sculpture that is built of found materials including: whiskey barrel rings, an old shop vac, yellow painted compost bags, foam antennae, fiberglass eyeballs, fabric wings and assorted metal. It was featured in a National Art Show (online) promoting pollinator gardens. It was also featured on Mike McCardle’s CTV show.
Berserkatroid – Dragon spewer of apocalyptic HellfireThe Berserkatroid is a giant steel dragon incorporating a large vertical drum, actuated by an interactive mechanism. The dragon blows flames periodically from a propane poofter system and contains over 1000 super bright neon rope LEDs.
CAMP-A-titionGot a score to settle with a friend? Need a fun way to show your skills to that special someone? Want to test your compatibility? Come to CAMP-A-tition.
You can pick from a fun game of taboo, a ruckus game of dodging balls, or a battle of wits in a triva match, the choice is yours!
Club Cloud CinemaArt Fair prototype of the Club Cloud Cinema. For preHEAT we’ll also offer a small cozy lounge where participants can chill amongst our clouds. For BitF, the animation workshop will be facilitated by artist Amanda Cassidy, working with mixed media supplies she will work with participants to create their own short stop frame animations about clouds, weather systems, and other sky ephemera.
Divine AdviceCome receive advice from 2 spirits on either side of the spectrum of light. Position yourself for a divine photo.
KrakenB+BYC is happy to unleash their pet Kraken. It’s grown since COVID and is definitely too big for soup now. It has got plenty of Kuddle tentacles and is puffier than ever! Come and say hi!
Lamps!Look out for a couple of enchanted lamps stealthily placed around the event for ambience!
Monarch MobileArt Fair Trailer/Art Car. Built on a trailer, the project is in the beginning build stages. The art piece will have an articulating gull wing opening on either side and when closed it will be a giant Monarch Butterfly. For preHEAT I will have a partially completed wooden mock up of the finished trailer built on the flatbed of the trailer. I have about 20 design drawings and have already collected some of the materials for completing the trailer. I’m hoping to have it finished for BitF. The final trailer will be clad in shiny copper aluminum composite and the butterfly wings will be overlayed with laser cut black metal. There will be benches set up inside for a capacity of 2000 lbs or 4-6 people.
Radiating ManBuilt over the summer of 2020 using mainly repurposed materials, this structure was intended to be set alight on Burn Night. However, like all things that year it was cancelled. One day it shall meet its final firey fate, before then I hope you are able to take a moment to connect with the spirit of the ‘man’. We will all perish in our material form, it is spirit that lives on.
Lighting by Will Donaldson
A huge thank you to Peter & TheEgg Arts Society
Really Lost Penguins Chill CaveNeed a comfortable space to rest your tired flippers? Waddle on down to the Really Lost Penguins Chill Cave for cozy conversations, or relax to downtempo music, in our beautifully decorated nest. We might even come by to serve you some preHEATed hot chocolate!
ShutterbuggyThe Shutterbuggy is a mobile photo booth modeled after a 1940s camera. Visitors climb inside to take photos and get a souvenir print out.
T.U.B.S.P.A.C.E.A celebration of breath space.
Remember that time when it was weird to see the bottom half of anyone’s face?
Well we immortalized our collective relief at being able to gather again and peak under our masks with this chandelier.
It’s our faces, it’s your faces, it’s our friends of friends’ faces and we missed you.
Brought to you by the Kick Off the Truck Collective
The Pink Torpedo Rises againThe Pink Torpedo is a large rocking toy on steel rockers. Burners can ride and play with it.
Resembling a giant pink penis, the artwork when excited triggers an array of LED lights and
makes squishy sounds.
What the Eye Sees When It Is Closed: Luminous MandalasOil on glass, on old Heritage windows. Each is backlit, so the tone is partly determined by light pushing through the paint. An oasis for the eyes.