All you need to know is here on the website on the About, FAQ, www and ticketing pages.

Quick version of ALL you need to know right here:

1) Ticket transfers – all you need to do is send the PDF with the QR code to the person you are selling the ticket to.

2) COME EARLY! The party starts at 3pm with RaveBots on the main stage, the bar will be open, the Community Stage is programmed, art and activities activated. You won’t want to miss a minute!

3) You can bring a bag with change of clothes or coats or flow toys of whatever you need and empty water vessels into the venue. There will be a self-serve coat check and water refill stations.

4) The bar is cashless. You will need to pay with credit or debit card.

5) Food trucks will be providing sustenance free of charge starting at 5pm until about 8pm or when supplies run out. If you need to bring your own food into the venue, just tell security you have dietary needs.

6) There will be some surprise gifted snacks later in the evening and the bar is selling limited snacks including Clif bars, chips and nuts.

7) See entrance and parking in the photo below. Parking is $20 at the PNE. There are other parking lots nearby. Please google. 🙂

😎 Ins and Outs are allowed from 3-6pm. If your ticket was scanned during that time and you have your wrist band, you must be back in by 8pm. If you are arriving for the first time, you can arrive at any time.

Normally, there are no ins and outs at this venue.

I negotiated this so that folks with kids who need to take them home at 6pm or those with accessibility needs or those who need to have a rest can go do that.

9) Fire show is at 9pm.

10) Dress in layers. There are art pieces, food trucks, smoking areas with seating and the fire show in our outdoor space.

11) You can smoke and vape OUTSIDE in our outdoor area only.

12) Remember – HAVE fun and ask for consent before hugging or touching someone!