Your Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts are happy to announce that we have received notification from the Burning Man Project Regional Events Committee that preHEAT 2023 has been approved as a Burning Man Official Regional Event.

Thanks to this year’s Producers, Andi Candi, Madi & Scott for aligning the event & participants with the guidelines necessary to obtain official status.

Receiving this status is an honour, and we want to ensure that everyone feels included in the creation of our community event. Burn in the Forest & Dustcovery have been our two other recognized Regional events in the past, and this is the first year that we felt that this full day, kid-friendly & community created event should also be recognized as a Regional event.

This official status allows GVIAS and the preHEAT Committee to utilize the trademarked logo and words such as ‘Burning Man’ in their materials and promotion. The Regional Contacts are tasked with overseeing and ensuring that the event adheres to all guidelines, requirements and that the event follows Burning Man’s 10 Principles. Guidelines include such things as making sure the event is:

  • Properly permitted (occupancy, fire, sound, etc) and in accordance with local laws.
  • Properly insured, naming the associated organizing entity, and “Black Rock City, LLC” as additional insured.
  • Has safety/medical, security and appropriate fire safety plans, including considerations for COVID-19 precautions.
  • All accounting must be transparent.
  • Post event wrap up reports & Financials posted publicly.
  • Any funds raised should benefit the entire community.

Congratulations to the preHEAT Event Committee, to the GVIAS Board and to our community for the care and attention to these guidelines.

More info on the Regional Network can be found here:

If you have any questions on this subject, please contact your Vancouver Regional Contacts team via [email protected] (Jai Aquarian, Simon Saxomasaurus, squishelle & Venture)